Sunshine all around the room at NCJWC’s 96th AGM!

The new board was installed by Shirley Hyman, new members were warmly welcomed by President Cate Stoller,  stimulating education provided by Anna Mae Weisenthal a teacher at King David High School, who delivered a powerful lesson on “othering” in our history here in Canada and in Germany.   Highlighted below Barb Heller, Joanne Emerman, Anne Melul, Jodi Seidleman, Gail Gumprich, Tanya Hebron, Gloria Hendin, Shirley Hyman, Shelagh Stoller Rhea Lazar, Jackie Krystal, Fran Ritch, Rochelle Garfinkel, Lenore Etkin











UN Human Rights Council 43rd Session February 2020


As a participant of all four  UN World Conferences for Women, in Mexico City 1975, Copenhagen 1980, Nairobi 1985 and Beijing 1995, I have been privileged to follow the progress in solving the plight of women. Each Conference gave us incentives for further action. Women have been more accepted as integral to the sustainable development goals.


The Beijing Declaration and the Platform for Action adopted in 1995 set strategic objectives and actions for the advancement of women and the achievement of gender equality in  several critical areas of concern. If only meagre progress,  at least awareness has been achieved concerning many of the objectives (now SDGs). Gender-based violence, women’s economic empowerment and gender equality have become priority issues as well as the violation of women’s human rights under the name of cultural tradition. Without Gender Equality (Number 5 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals) none of the SDGs will be achieved.


One of the areas, which has regressed, are the media with the enhanced power to present, create and manipulate through the new technology. The no limits-principle has also meant erasing  the rules of good conduct in the media.